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The DFP Team is available 24/7 to support the uninterrupted operation of your facilities and to ensure that you achieve optimal efficiency.  New hires, staff turnovers, unforeseen injuries, illnesses, and/or retirees can add stress upon operational units and may inhibit keeping production on track.  We have found simple productivity improvements result when external training experts are brought on-board.  Moreover, we offer on-site training to our clients from our knowledgeable staff in the areas of hydraulics and pneumatics.  Take a lesson from a pro!  Your staff will thank you.

Training of New Hires

Training of New Hires: Learn Fundamental Principles

Students (either individuals or small groups) will learn in safety and understand the scientific theories that allow hydraulic control to function.  In addition, they will explore the key parameters using interactive tools such as visual calculators that reinforce their importance.  This on-site training is essential for new-hires.

Training Circuits

Training: Components and Circuits

Students will operate basic components and experiment with simple circuits to gain an in-depth knowledge of how each system will perform.

Training System Maintenance

Training: System Maintenance

Individuals or small groups can learn the importance of valves, measuring / quantifying pressure and understanding what happens when cylinder loads or valve settings are changed.  Fundamental and informative on-site instruction for any worker that needs to keep machinery working 24/7.