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Emergency and Breakdown Service

Despite “best efforts” to keep equipment operating at peak, well-maintained performance levels, unexpected break downs do occur and then they happen trust the trained and qualified technicians at DFP to get you back up quickly.  Our goal is to communicate with customers on the importance of each repair and to overcome every challenge that comes our way.  We have a trained team of experts available 24/7.

Emergency maintenance (also known as breakdown maintenance) is maintenance required when an asset or piece of equipment suffers an unexpected breakdown or change in condition that results in an immediate threat to health and safety.  A catastrophic event needs to be avoided at all cost.  We can restore your factory to optimal capabilities within minimal disruption.  Contact Us to learn more.

IMPORTANT: Resolve Issues Quickly and Without Incident

Emergency Breakdown Benefits

No matter which industry your business operates within, faults within a hydraulic system have the potential to cause havoc, so it’s important for issues to be resolved quickly and without incident.  However, it can be difficult to identify the specific fault, because no matter how experienced your machine operators are, an issue with your hydraulic hose or fittings can be difficult to diagnose.  Thankfully, a crucial part of our emergency service is the ability to resolve a wide range of hydraulic issues, with each of our technicians having the ability to carry out several different services.